How do I get 500W of solar input with D050S Charge Enhancer?

Maybe you can help me figure this out.

The specs say you can input 500W of solar panels in addition to the 700W built in to the AC300P or the 900W built in to the AC200Max., by using a second string of panels.

That sound great, but the limits of the D050S are 12-60Voc and 10a.

No matter how many ways I attempt to configure this, the max I can get is 300W by using 2 each RichSolar 12v 150W panels in series, total Voc=45.4v and Ios=8.33a.

Has anyone else had better luck with this? How do you get 500W of panels without exceeding the voltage range and max amps of the charger?

You can exceed the amp range but not the voltage. No matter how many amps you input the D050S will only use 10 and not care about the rest.

I haven’t tried mine yet but plan to use 4 of my 200 watt panels with the D050s. 2 in series twice, then parallel the 2 strings. That should get me a theoretical 48 volts and around 16 amps of which 10 are usable.

That is exactly what I am doing on my AC200Max with D0505. 2S2P configuration with 4x225W panels. Gives me full 500W addition to the regular 900W input where I run a 3S2P configuration with the same panels. Amperage over rated 10A is not an issue (mine is 16.4A max) as the unit can limit the let through current. But it will take issue with a too high voltage.

Thank you Eric102 and daninus1 for explaining this and demonstrating how it works. Every time I begin to think I know what I am doing with solar, I learn something new that blows away my previous understanding. Thanks for your help.