How do I connect an EB240 to a B300 or B230 to get the most total capacity?

I have an EB240 and want to add capacity - how do I connect a B230orB300 to it to get the most usable capacity.

You can purchase one of these External Battery connection cables (link below). It allows the B230/300 to connect to the DC7909 input of the EB150/240, enabling the EB units to charge from the B230/300 battery. You want the cable with DC7909.

So how many watts are going into the EB240 with that from the B300.?

Hi there,

Here is the link showing how to connect the EB240 and B230/ B300.

When you connect the EB240 with one B230, there is no difference about the output power. But the capacity has become 2048 plus 2400.

OK,…So with this setup, while I am drawing down the power of my EB240 is the B230/B300 constantly replenishing it??

I remember yes, you can try and see.