How can this forum be improved? - Your opinion is wanted!

Hey everyone,

I would like to start a small discussion about how this forum can be improved in your eyes.

  • What are you missing?
  • What do you need?
  • Are there any existing features that should be improved?

Let’s discuss in this thread to make this the best place for information about Bluetti products!

I am looking forward to your opinions :)

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  • So many posts are just big walls of text because the forum doesn’t have automatic formatting and line spacing.

  • Needs more work to make it phone friendly as the Categories overhang the edge and it’s difficult to navigate.


Totally agree with you. Formatting is a really big point. Thanks for sharing your feedback! @Sideeffect

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Fully agreed. And preventing to open a new tab on some clicks (category? back to “latest topics”? etc.) would help.
Yes, formatting is probably a priority. I’ve come to use dots to separate paragraphs.
Other than that, I like the forum, and the mentality / kindness of people here.

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@BLUETTI Maybe pin this topic? So it stays always on top?

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We could use a problem/solution pinned section.
For me, some problems were solved by rebooting (power down) the device. You have to first remove any and all PV inputs, including any to the batteries.
So far, Factory Reset hasn’t solved any problems for me, but can’t hurt to try.
If you’re getting over-voltage alarms on a new setup, rewire your solar panels in parallel to reduce the Voc (Open circuit voltage). Voltage adds up in Series wiring.
Yes, it’s okay to have more wattage or amps than the input specs, but not VOLTAGE. When buying panels, pay attention to the Voc. That has to stay within the specs. You want your array Voc as high as possible without going over the max input.
If you have B300s batteries, you can plug extra solar panels directly into them using the provided cable. This will add to your total PV input but it won’t show up directly. Maybe someday the App will show it. As always, stay within the Voc spec, (for this input, it’s 12 - 60V). About the only downside are the 2 extra wires to run for each battery. With 6 batteries you’re looking at 16 wires total coming into your house, so you might want to label them :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to have some kind of indication that you have read a post, maybe add color on the topic links and if you have clicked on it than the link would change colors.

Currently, only the web version of forum can achieve a relatively attractive format (line spacing and paragraphing). The limitations of the forum on the app are still relatively significant. However, I will forward your suggestions to the app development dept in the hope of optimizing it as soon as possible.

Please use this thread to discuss matters related to forum optimization. For any BLUETTI product-related inquiries, kindly redirect your questions to the appropriate thread.
Thank you. :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

@BLUETTI I think what @St8kout means is that he would like to have a section where common problems for a Bluetti Product are posted with a solution or a thread that is already open. So everyone who experience a problem can have a look into this thread and see if this already a known problem instead of creating a specific topic over and over again here.

Yep, that’s what I was referring to.
I had so many questions at the start that were not covered in the manual.

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