How can I adjust the location so the weather is correct

Wrong weather temp… it would be nice if it was close, but at least 10 degrees off tells me it’s using the wrong location

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Sorry for inconvenience caused.
The product manager of the APP team has replied.
BLUETTI APP displays the temperature based on the IP address, and the app currently does not have access to the user’s exact location, so there will be some errors.

Could the App be updated to show us to enter a ZIP code? Mine is wrong by 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t know how my IP address location could be wrong by this amount, either. I like that it doesn’t record my exact location.

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Sometimes there arent any free IP Adresses which are assigned to your location and you may get another thats assigned to a city or town that “close” to you.

But great suggetion. ZIP Code should be really simple to add. Otherwise a GPS location can be also used