How can anyone max the PV on the AC300

I have an AC300 which allows for a max PV input of 2,700 watts / 150 Volts / 15 amps.
How can I get 2,700 watts (even with parallel grouping) yet stay under the 150 volts so as to not damage the unit.
(my understanding is if the amps go over 15, the unit simply won’t accept more than 15)

The 2,700W PV input was the biggest selling feature to me, and I could barely get over half of that when I do the math. I’m willing to buy any solar panel on the market, but the numbers aren’t adding up from what I can see.

The AC300 has two MPPTs. 1200 watts a piece. Those two combine to equal 2400 watts. If you were to use three of a panel like these (ZNShine Solar 400W Solar Panel 108 Cell ZXM7-SH108-400/M - A1 Solar Store) you would not go over VOC or amps and your watts would be around 1200 per mppt. I have an AC300 and have one array connect to each mppt.
Correct me if I’m wrong guys…

Thank you so much! I must have totally forgot that my unit has 2 separate MPPTs.