How are the ‘Totally kWh generated by your PV’ shown in the app calculated?

How are the ‘Totally kWh generated by your PV’ shown in the app calculated? I am currently trying to calculate this value based on the wattage of the DC input and am getting much less. Since I’ve been collecting my data, I’ve come up with 33 kWh, while the app shows 156 kWh for the same period.

Hi @Tinkerpete , How much power the solar panel feeds into the machine, the PV input of the machine display will show how much power.
The APP display will be the same as the machine’s display.

Thank you for your answer! But this value should be about the same value that I can calculate if I determine the DC input value every minute, so for example take the value from the app and multiply it by 0.016667 kWh (1/60 hour) and add these values for a certain period of time.

So if I have the following 5 measurements at minute intervals, for example:

500 watts
400 watts
200 watts
300 watts
600 watts

Then 5000.016667 + 4000.016667 + 2000.016667 + 3000.016667 + 600*0.016667 = 33.334 Wh =

0.03334 kWh

On 2022-09-30 my Bluetti had collected 900 kWh since purchase and since that day I have been automatically calculating the watts of DC input regularly every minute or so. If I add these up, I arrive at 38 kWh to date.

However, the Bluetti app shows 1081 kWh today! That is 1081 - 900 = 181 kWh, i.e. over 4 times more!

How can I explain this difference?

Hi @Tinkerpete , According to the above data you provided, the average value here should be 400WH.
Or you can calculate it like below:
Dividing the total 38KWh provided by the solar panels since purchase by the number of days used and dividing by the number of hours of light per day, equals the average solar panel input power.