How activate the AC-Mode on EP600 and use the Smart Meter (ADL400)?

I would use my EP600 in AC-Mode. So I installed the CT-Meter on Grid side and the optional ADL400 on the Inverter powerline.
The ADL400 show me the correct values on Display, but in the APP isn’t any power visible under Production.
Neither under DC-load (not in use), nor under the three AC-loads, they show me always 0 on all parameters.

How can we activate the using of an second Meter (on Inverter AC side)?
In this Forum a user post a picture from an older version of the APP, where you can see this parameters, but now i missing it. I am missing the ac Load Button in Version 2.1.3

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Can you provide the serial number of your EP600?
I’ll get the tech team to enable the meter function for you.

Is there an Option for private Message? Don’t like to send the serial public …

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I have sent you a private message, please check. (APP forum is not supported for viewing at the moment, you need to log in to the web forum)
If you can’t check my private message, please email your SN code to