Horrible screen visual

ACP 200. 2019-2021 model. Not sure. Procured by my friend for our Casa de Baja. Bought this unit brand new and just MAYBE, maybe a year old, but probably not. Extremely low hours on it but the problem has been present from second #1. The screen is absolutely terrible to view and read, even when trying to shield and shade it from indirect sunlight. Yes, I said “Indirect sublight”. Is this a common problem that is covered under a warranty or some sort of help to alleviate this seriously ridiculous issue? Is some sort of update available? It’s absolutely ridiculous and almost useless. Thanks all.

Can you describe what’s wrong with it? Is the contrast too low, too dark, too light? Can it be read only at an awkward angle? Any photos?

Exactly. Barely visible, even at an awkward angle. It’s down in Baja so I don’t have easy access to it or taking a photo right now. Even so, you wouldn’t even be able to see anything on the screen in a photo. It takes much effort to be able to with human eyes alone. Extremely frustrating, especially when we spent so much $ on the unit.

You will want to take some pictures/videos and contact customer services. If you post them here, there might be someone who have seen similar issues and can help.

Thank you. Hoping to head down on Thursday and if possible, acquire some revealing photos. If they aren’t revealing, then those in themselves will paint the picture.

Hi @CasadeBaja,

Sorry to hear that.
It maybe a little difficult to view the screen in the direct sunlight. Rarely, it is barely visible. Could you please provide some pictures?

I have an AC200 as well. The display screen on almost any model of many brands is very difficult to see outdoors. This is most apparent when not a a 90 degree angle directly in front of the screen. This is not an uncommon issue with any display of this type in any piece of equipment including computers. Baja has some very strong sun so I would expect it to be more difficult in those locations. Screen types are chosen based on power consumption and cost and I have found that if you shade the top of the screen with your hand you can see and operate the unit when outdoors.

Thanks for the input. We do shade it and try to look at it straight on but it’s still somewhat difficult to read unless we get the angle just right. As in a very narrow area of sight. I guess that’s just how it is. (?)

@CasadeBaja and remember like most all electronics… these aren’t meant to ever be in direct sunlight. Maybe get a small umbrella to keep it under? Btw… I’m jealous of your weather conditions! Haha we’ve got about a foot and half of snow up here in Michigan and lucky to get a few hours a day of direct sun in these winter months.

Yeah, I feel for ya. As bad as it’s getting here in California, it’s very difficult to leave the weather. There really aren’t many places in the world similar. My friends and I have researched that quite a bit. I do terribly in humidity, even in cooler but still humid climates. I sometimes wonder if people who grew up and/or live in humid climates are uncomfortable in dryer climates like ours. Oh well, heading down to Baja tomorrow for a quick trip and to set up our Bluetti B300 expand module.

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Yes, that is how it is. Have to have just the right angle and shade the sun