Horrible customer service

What does it take to get some service ???
I have made FOUR Bluetti purchases totaling 7,000.00 dollars on Amazon. I have registered these sales on YOUR website. My profile shows ZERO purchases and no Bluetti bucks.

I sent screenshots of my purchases to Bella at vip@bluettipower.com…over a month… no response. I want my products REGISTERTED for WARRANTY reasons. Please respond because my next move will be the Better Business Bureau and perhaps some lawyers. Is there a reason NO ONE FOLLOWS through on these emails ???

Very disappointed customer .


Does sound frustratng but not quite sure what a lawer would do regarding a product not showing up as purchased on a web site. If you were denied warranty service, I could see that as an issue. I am pretty sure there is no legal obligation for any manufacturer to register a purchase on line. How do you think warranties were handled 50 years ago?

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I’m not sure how it will work, but depending on what country you are in, use the website local to that and at the bottom you will have a link to “Register Product”. See if that helps?

This is the link for my location (in the EU):


You should find one for your location.

Um… this ISN’t 50 years ago.

I have registered my products on their website…several times. Still no record of my purchases.

I understand it is no longer 50 years ago and it is also laughable to threaten with lawyers because you are unable to register your product on line for warranty purposes.

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Ok. I’m in the process of ordering a unit myself (EB240) and when i log into my account on the Bluetti website where i placed my order i can see the order (has an SKU order number next to it, the date the order was made, the state of the order (‘unfulfilled’ currently) and the price paid.

So i assume you got your products fine, and you’re saying that after the delivery those details disappeared?

What happened when you registered your products? How do you know they are registered, does it tell you the state of the warranty registration anywhere? Do you have your bank statement showing your payments to Bluetti, because if so you have ‘proof’ of your order.

I’m asking just as i’m curious and maybe it will help you work out what happened.

In relation to my orders i actually have taken screenshots of my order so i have a ‘hard copy’ so to speak if there is some kind of mess up on Bluetti’s end.

I’m starting to think Bluetti is a victim of their own success. I think their marketing has been so good that sales exploded and they haven’t hired or expanded enough to keep up with demand. I believe they care and want to help but cant because they haven’t grown enough to keep up. This boils down to leadership and management failings. I’m sure its a combination of things but if they want to survive they need to step up. I hope they get things worked out because they have a good product.

Nothing happened after I registered my products. Absolutely nothing… that’s the problem. I sent screenshots…I sent emails… I made phone calls… my profile still shows ZERO purchases.

Clearly you don’t understand Contractual Law. now I am laughing

Totally agree … they need to catch up to their success.

Glad you are having a good time.

it is horrible, no one picks up my calls, nor return messages. The manual was poorly written or missing clear illustrations. I need help myself. The PV200 won’t stay up with weak legs!!!

Perhaps you could provide some detail regarding what the specific issue is with your PV200 panel legs. Are you referring to wind related issues or the panels simply won’t unfold and stand up. There is an adjustment strap for various angles.

Um… I don’t even own any PV200 panels…and I love my PV350s

Thank you for sharing your PV350 panel ownership excperience. My reply was for ccgit2022 stating they need help with their PV 200 panels.

I just placed my order and I’m feeling a little like I may have made a mistake. No sales people have picked up the phone. Every voicemail is full. They got my $3K and I have no idea when I’ll get my products.