Horrible customer service... avoid this company

I purchased $4000 in equipment 2 weeks ago and received only my solar panels. I have emailed sales and service several times and called every number I can find with no luck reaching a human or mailbox to leave a message. I am livid and this is completely unacceptable customer service. Can someone from Bluetti contact me? I want a refund. I can only imagine how hard it would be to get warranty service.

Yeah, they are pretty bad. No response on their support Chat, no response to emails.
If I’d known that before I bought my AC300 I would have gone Delta Pro Max.

Has this problem been resolved?

I have experienced zero response to my emails. Their mailbox is always full. I am friends with the AG of Kansas and am ready to open a case.

Go get’em tiger! Expose them for the fraud they are. I’ll bet anyone that the phone number provided leads to nowhere. And I’ll bet that the voices used on their answering machines are from people who don’t work there. Bluetti has zero customer service! Buyer beware.