Honda generators charging AC200Max

I have an EU200 & EU3000 can I charge the AC200Max directly? There is a battery charge option on the Honda.

Hi @CodyBob , Honda’s gas generator can charge our power station.
The adapter is connected to the generator to charge the AC200Max, your Honda generator should meet the voltage and frequency requirements of the adapter.

Hi - I have a AC200Max with one B230 battery. I also have a Honda EU2000 generator to charge with in the event of a prolonged Grid outage. I just received a second T500 adaptor to decrease the amount of time that the generator will have to run when recharging the Bluetti units. Soon I hope to get a second B230 battery and when i have the second one, I will only attach one at a time to the AC200 Max and will swap the B230’s out and recharge with the Honda Eu2000 as needed thereby keeping the AC200 Max continually in operation during an outage. I only got my AC200 Max ( and B230 battery about 10 days ago) and I live in Nova Scotia Canada (East coast) - Hurricane Fiona is due to hit here this weekend, so my unit is going to get tested (unfortunately) in real world conditions!

Does this set up discharge only the B230 and keep the AC200Max with 100% charge?

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Hi Jor - great question. I did not loose my power so was unable to do any "real world "testing. When i get the second B230 battery , and i have a grid down scenario, initially my B200 Max and the B230 battery ( one that is connected) will discharge at a similar rate ( when discharging they are usually at a very similar SOC each) . Once they are down to say 20% each, I will disconnect the first B230 and then connect the second fully charged B230. I am assuming that then the main draw will then be from the fully charged B230 until it gets down close to the level of the SOC of the B200 Max at which point they would start discharging at the same rate then… Hopefully this assumption is correct.