🏈 Hit an outdoor Big Game party: Wish you a CHILL Touchdown!

Join us for the ultimate outdoor Super Sunday party with SwapSolar, your Big Game Partner. Watch the game and enjoy the victory with SwapSolar, keeping your game and food cool and chill!!:ice_cube::ice_cube:

:point_right::point_right:Check out our Super Bowl checklist for the perfect Super tonight:
:football:Halftime show time: 8:00-8:30 PM (EST)
:taco:Snacks recommendations: buffalo wings, nachos, sliders, guacamole, and chips;
:cup_with_straw:Best Super Bowl Pal: SwapSolar (ice making in 20 minutes, two swappable batteries extend your outdoor fun)
:tv:Broadcast nationally by CBS/ Streamed via Paramount Plus/ the NFL Network’s app or website

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