Here we go. #CES2022 Vegas, NV

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That setup looks incredible guys!!!

I notice that the AC300 seems to be connected to B301 model battery packs. Is this a different product than the B300s, or is the new model number due to the internal mounting changes of the batteries for the shipping damage problem?

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I am wondering the same thing about this “B301”. It looks the same and has the same capacity as the B300, so I wonder if this is a bit of a redesign to reduce the shipping damage and such.

Ya! Pics look great! When do we get to see some specs and/or some release dates. :slight_smile: And, hey - while we’re at it… some pricing! :slight_smile:

It looks like there is an AC500, sort of like the AC300 but with more input and output capacity. I wonder what’s the difference between the B301 vs B300

I noticed that also since I posted my initial question, so it may well be that the B301 has a higher current capacity to handle the higher inverter output of the AC500 (which will be 5000 watts).

According to the CES presentation, the AC500 can supply 5 kilowatts per hour of electrical power, and is modular like the AC300. It can use the B300 3 kWh battery, too. But the AC500 can manage four batteries for 12 kWh of energy. It can be set up for 240 VAC with the Fusion box or the special panel, with two AC500 units and eight batteries. That makes 10 kW of power with up to 24 kWh of energy. My home can run for days with this setup.

I ask if the AC300 can be software upgraded to manage four batteries, not just two. And I ask if my suggestion of bigger batteries will be fulfilled, such as a B500 for 5 kWh each. Then the AC500 can eventually manage 40 kWh for 240 VAC.

Edit: I discovered that the AC300 can now manage four B300 batteries each. It is defined at the sales page:

I verified at the dowloaded manuals for the AC300 and the B300. I expect my order to have this upgrade.

I am fairly certain that the AC300 has always been able to handle 4 batteries. I know that I was aware of that when I ordered my bundle back in September which “only” includes 2 of the batteries, knowing I could expand if I wanted to.

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Hi There,
I know it’s a lot late on a reply to this post. I just found it & wish I could have been there! As I am the proud winner of a AC300 + B300 and it would have been great to converse about the units in person.
Any future Bluetti events planned for the New England area by chance? That would be awesome if so. I could use all the education I can get! Seeing all these power systems in one place would be fun.
Nice display Bluetti …looking good!

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