Here is my solar system, what is yours

This is my setup, EP500s, Fusion Box, 4000 watts of solar panels. It is working fine with UPS backup on the EP500s. One unit runs the Kitchen and the other unit run the heater/air conditioner.
here is the video: Solar Panels, Bluetti EP500s, Fusion Box and wiring of my solar system. - YouTube


I have a single ep500 that runs a few circuits in the house. I have it connected to a transfer switch that powers 6 circuits in the house.
I currently have it powering the master bedroom, the washer and dryer, 2 refrigerators, the wifi router, security system and TV. The transfer switch is also hooked up to the dishwasher, microwave, range and coffee maker but i am currently using line power for those items. I will probably connect the dishwasher to be run by the 500 as long as we time it to run the cleaning cycle while the sun is up.
I installed 3 solar panels on the roof last year and this is sufficient to keep the battery charged up. I discontinued charging with the wall a/c outlet because i am getting enough sunshine here in southern Cal. I’ll change it back to solar/grid recharging in late fall when sunny skies aren’t as prevalent as now.
We are able to get by with this set up because we normally don’t use much electricity; our electric bills are 60.00 monthly during winter months. We go to sleep early so we aren’t draining the 500 too much.
Originally i bought the ep500 to insure that we would have power in the event of the usual power issues. With the current situation in Ukraine, i feel more secure in case the power grid gets hacked and we lose power that way. I have a 3000 watt generator that i originally installed the transfer switch for. That will be my back up genny if needed. I already converted it to tri-fuel but i can only store so much of propane or gasoline.
That is my system.

I have the AC200p, EB55, EB70S, SP120 and PV200. Transfer box next on list but need to do more research. And a B230.

My solar system has a center star called Sun, and a group of planets grouped by their masses, such as the rocky planets from Mercury to Mars, then the gas giantd from Jupiter to Neptune, and the dwarf planets from Pluto outward.

Now my photovoltaic system takes energy from that Sun, converts it into electricity, stores it in large batteries , and generates alternating current for my home.

I have an AC200Max with 2x B230 extension batteries. In addition, I just purchased an external 48V 100Ah battery for extended backup which will feed the AC200Max through the 500W Bluetti DC Charging enhancer. The AC200Max is connected to a transfer panel where I more or less permanently run all house lights, TV, receptacles, furnace, refrigerator and freezer. All that is left on the grid are 240V circuits (EV charger and water heater). To feed the beast I am using roof top solar located on my garage in 3 strings. A 1400W string feeding the 900W PV input, A 800W string feeding a DC Charging enhancer to the typical 500W AC input. Then, I also used another DC Charging enhancer for a third string, feeding the charge input in one of the B230 batteries. This gives me a massive 1900W charge capacity for the Bluetti system and I can add one more for the second battery, which would give me a total of 2400W charging into the Bluetti system! I use the T500 AC charger at the AC output of the Bluetti, charging my external third party battery with a timer (The battery is protected by internal BMS). This is really cool and works great. Got a few other goodies such as meters and timers. Perhaps I will make a small video in the future.

In addition, I own a RV so my plan is to take the AC200, plus the B230 batteries, together with three PV200 I have, on the next road trip. Hope not to run the gas generator…

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