Help with making Bluetti APP work. AC 200 L

Bluetti App is now allowing me to enter the serial number of my AC 200L. keeps rejecting it. Will not pare. Can you tell me what FIRM WARE is and why I might need to up date it. My AC 200L is brand new. Thank you. Ct

Hi @Vsadnik

i received a new Bluetti App Update in the morning mentioned to fix issues with the AC200L.

Maybe you should update your App and see if the issue is still there.


You could try deleting the app and reinstall it. That’s should fix it if you are still having problems.

@Vsadnik May I have the series number of AC200L?

The very best help with the Bluetti App was finding an absolutely wonderful, intelligent, helpful Customer Rep when I finally got through to someone who was able to help. It took an hour and 20 minutes but she did it and was amazing, real help. Thank you Mis J.