Help with EB3A (not charge)

Hello. I am from Ukraine and I received the EBA charging station as humanitarian aid.
When the input cable is connected, the inscription UPS flashes and the station does not charge. What shall I do?
Also, when I try to connect through the application, I get the following error:

I wrote letters to, but they do not answer me.
Thanks for the help

Hi @yevkin , Sorry for the inconvenience.
Can you please share the SN code of the machine? I can have a technical engineer unbind the device for you first.
As for the UPS flickering issue, what method are you using to charge it? Try other charging methods, will it work properly?

Is this a serial number? EB3A2230001979049
As for problems with charging, I think I understood, now our voltage often drops below 200 volts and then it does not charge, when it is higher, then it is normal.

Our technical engineers have unbinded EB3A for you. Can you try again?

Yes, I connected, everything is great. Thank you very much!

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Glad to hear that :)

Hello. I have the same prolem. Can you help me to. My serial EB3A2248001383339

I’ve notified the technician to unbind EB3A for you. Can you try again?