help with calculating watt hours discharge eb70

I have purchased an EB70 2 weeks ago to run a wifi router and Eufy security on AC power utilizing both AC outlets of the EB70. I note the total draw in watt hours on the display is around 8-10 watts. with input via the grid power was about 198 watts. So I was thinking 10 watts drawn in a 760 watt system should give ,me 70 hours battery maybe less given efficiency issues. That is not the case I am having to use the grid and the power supply for up to 4 hours a day to keep the EB70 charged ? I have a timer connected to the grid power which comes on to charge via the power supply so I can leave it unsupervised. Have I made a typical uninformed embarrassing newby error in my calculations ?

You are forgetting the power consumed from the inverter and main unit just being turned on. This operational power consumed is higher than the load you are connecting. Kind of like traveling 5 mph in your car and not getting the same fuel economy per mile that you would get at say 45 miles per hour.


@arebee Like what @Scott-Benson nailed on, the smaller your load is, speccially thru the AC output… the more inefficient the unit it going to be. Heres a nice little graph one of our friends Jeff Hagen put together showing the Discharge efficiencies of the EB70S unit…

Heres his youtube channel also, if youd like to follow and support him!

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Thank you for your help and quick response. I am reassured and pleased that are no concerns with the current setup as it is . Just a temporary security system but need it reliable as my grid power at the meter box is occasionally being tampered with. I want to check the security system powered for now and it is meeting my current needs. Happy with the system and will be using it in my campervan in a 12V system later. certainly be purchasing a 2Kw with the potential to upgrade for my workshop.
Thanks again.