HELP! OCP Over Current Protection - Hardware Alert

Hi Does anyone know how to reboot/reset this error?

I recently installed my UPS sub panel box from Blueitti and when testing, i got this error. Also, does anyone know if this is caused by input or output from the EP500 pro?

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Thanks. Frieda is helping me and it looks like there’s light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:

Has there been a fix for this issue? I have two EP500 Pros. One just started throwing this alarm yesterday. Any help would be appreciated

They are sending me a replacement. I guess it’s a hardware issue. Contact support…

Are your EP500 Pros connected to the UPS Box subpanel? It seems that there are some upgrade accessories to avoid this in the future. Unfortunately, my accessories wont come in till March. So, I’m down right now till then.

Not using a subpanel box. I am not powering any 240v devices. Each of the EP500 Pros powers a different set of house circuits - one primarily upstairs the other downstairs. Mostly electronics and lights Worked great for a several weeks. Until the one threw the over current protection alarm. I sent in an email to - but not response yet.

I only have one EP500PRO and use the sub panel for separating critical loads in an event of an outage. I use it mainly for backup and in the future charge it with solar panels.

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So is there a local fix for OCP issue? Or does that require replacement?

Hi @ryangamo have you installed the upgrade accessories to the subpanel? I posted another topic about Smart Home Panel in which I noticed that the upgrade isolated the neutrals except in the Connected (1) mode.

Please share your experiences in the community forum. I’m hoping this has resolved your issues and you are running successfully now.

I recently received and installed the upgrade kit but encountered issues due to lack/confusing instructions in regards to the neutral line. My replacement just arrived and I’m waiting on my electrician availability.

I will update here when all are done.

Here’s the updated doc

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Update: I also posted on the other thread where I described my issue.

I was able to figure out the issue. The neutral wire is isolated to the bluetti subpanel. One of my load, the GFI outlet was wired incorrectly.

When I traced all the critical load wiring to the subpanel, I noticed that my electrician had forgotten to disconnect the neutral wire from the MAIN panel ground/neutral bus bar. This was probably because the GFI outlet was right next to the main panel. I disconnected the neutral wire of the GFI from the main to directly to the neutral of bluetti subpanel. That fixed the issue.

Key takeaways. Make sure ALL neutral wires of the load in the subpanel are isolated to its own neutral bus bar.

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Hi any resolve yet? I have the same issue.