Help me with my order

Good Day!
I ordered a 3-piece Bluetti eb3a “SPF-EU-23059” on NOVEMBER 29, 2022.
The delivered terms were up to 20 days.
For today, the order status has not changed, still “UNFULFILLED”.
I’m from Ukraine and constant blackouts make my and my old parent’s life very difficult.
Canceling the order is not an option for us. That’s why give me information about when I should receive my stations and do all possible to deliver Bluetti stations as soon as possible, please.

Best wishes and Kind Regards, Anatoliy

Same for me. I’m waiting for the EB70 more than 45 days - and my order is still Unfulfilled.
Support keeps silence.
Please cancel my order SPF-EU-25388!!!

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did someone answer your question?

Hi folks
u will get no answer from Bluetti
its New Year in China

@BLUETTI is back now. But there are still serious problems with customer service accessibility.
If wait times are too long to get your order, you can consider cancelling it for a refund and buy at a Bluetti dealer that can actually ship now from their own stock. (Ask if they got it in stock)

Finally I got the answer and my order was cancelled. I got my refund yesterday. So this is my happy end :)

@Anatolii I’m very sorry for the late reply due to the Lunar New Year holiday.

Due to the delay in the return of tracking numbers, most of the orders placed from late November to early January have been sent out, but the tracking numbers have not yet been updated. The tracking number is expected to be updated within 2-3 business days.
Expected delivery time is 7-10 days.

If your order tracking number does not appear after three business days, please let me know.

Hello! Today is the third day from promised terms and our tracking number does not changed. Please help solve this issue. Thanks a lot!

@BLUETTI hi help please, status not changed (

@Anatolii I have expedited the confirmation for you. But order support says that the logistics provider has not yet sent back the tracking number and has confirmed that your order has been shipped. I will let you know if there are any updates as soon as they are available.

Thank you @BLUETTI for taking care of them