Help for if the EB3A seems dead

Hi there!
I run the EB3A with the newest firmware available in Germany…
Last week my EB3A seemed to be totally dead- there was no reaction on my pressing the buttons, no matter which or how long…
The only way to wake up the EB3A was plugging in the PV- then the screen showed for 30 seconds 100% and I could log on by bluetooth, without being able to change the strange behaviour.
I contacted the Bluetti support and they asked me to send back the EB3A without giving my better advice.
At last I gave the EB3A a last chance and plugged in PV (with a charger from the AC50S) AND Power from the grid and charged it for a whole night…
This morning I realized: SUCCESS. The EB3A is now working as new!
This seems to be a possibility to RESET the EB3A!?
So I hope I could help you!

Hi @Dietmar , Thank you very much for sharing!
This seems to provide a new solution idea for EB3A