Heating Pad Hook-up

Dear Friends,

Has anyone used a heating pad with their AC30?

I have a pad (heating) that says it’s voltage 120V -

Wondering how much power it will use, and don’t want to hurt my beautiful AC30!

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

You don’t have to wonder…the heating pad will have a tag or something on the cord area or the pad itself that tells you how much power it consumes. If it says “45 watts” for example, that is how many watts it uses. If is says “2.1 amps” for example you take the amps (2.1) time the voltage (120) which in this example would be 252 watts.

If you want to do it the easy way, just plug it in and see how many watts it is using. Chances are it will be less than the 300 watt capacity of your AC30 and it will keep running. If it is higher, the AC30 will give an overload indication in which case, turn the AC off and back on again to re-set. No harm, no foul.