Heat from the sun

I have an AC 200 Max and I take it outside and place in next to my panels to charge. any opinions on the extra heat the unit picks up form setting in the sun? Mine gets very hot on a sunny day, I have taken to shading it with a blanket and it helps. I know the cooling fans will cycle on as needed but it seems like it gets so hot in the sun. I’m working on getting a better set up so I can leave it in the house and just cable over to the panels.

Here is my opinion. Do not leave the AC200 out in the sun. Run MC4 solar extension cables to a convenient place you can locate your AC200 that is protected and sheltered.


Agree with Scott - you should get the extra long cables and avoid exposing the unit to that kind of heat anymore.

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Heat is the biggest enemy for the longevity of your battery. That and storing it for long periods of time at 0% state of charge.