Has Bluetti Given up on Customers? Outdated web-page

Hi Bluetti,

On the 12th March i purchased an additional expansion battery. its my first purchase since last year but on completion of the purchase i was prompted to try my luck for a prize. This offer ended 4 months ago!!!

Why are you not maintaining your website and removing out dated offers?
You could be forgiven if it was a week or two but it is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE to actually point and encourage a customer to a reward page that expired 4 months prior.

After my purchase, it made me think you were going out of business.

Please, fix it.

@Wolf359 Sorry for inconvenience caused.
Which site did you purchase it from, US/CA or EU/AU?
Can you provide us with your order number? I will check with relevant colleagues.

Hello Bluetti, it was from (https://bluettipower.co.uk/) and order number SPF-UK-5762 for a B300 Battery.
The pop up for the prize draw appeared after completing the purchase and it took you to the prize wheel give away from November.

I just wanted to add why this post matters.
When you have spent many thousands of pounds on a brand, you want to know that they have your back should things go wrong or that if you want to add more to your setup that they are going to be around for a long time.

The products ive bought are fantastic and really suit my needs, ive told many of my friends who are interested in similar setups but its difficult to refer someone to you when things like the landing page of Bluetti still has the dates for the Las vegas show back in January or as per this post, out of date offers appear.

Imagine the first impression of someone buying from you if after their purchase, they are directed to something that’s long out of date. Its really going to make them think if they have made the right purchase for the long term.

I wouldn’t buy from Bluetti if i didnt believe in the brand and the product, id just like to see a bit more care and attention to the website.

@Wolf359 It was confirmed that the problem was a front-end code error. The bug is now fixed. Thank you very much for your reminder, UK site colleagues will add 2500 BLUETTI bucks for you.
Hope you can accept this small compensation.

Thankyou @BLUETTI , Im really pleased the site has been updated. No compensation was necessary but thank you for them. It is appreciated.

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