Has anyone used their EB200 or similar to run a full size, modern fridge?

If so, what was your experience? Did you run into any issues with the electronics of the fridge?
We have a 28 cube Samsung that seems pretty power hungry, specs say Energy Consumption = 720 kWh/yr.

Any tips for maximizing runtime?


Hello @Joules22 !

720kWh per year is really much…

If you calculate the 720 Kwh down to one day, you will get approximately 2 Kwh per day. The specified capacity of the EB200 is also 2Kwh.

So it will be rather difficult to operate your refrigerator all day long. The EB200 has in addition to the losses when converting from DC to AC also a certain self-consumption.

On the other hand, a refrigerator does not consume power permanently, but only intermittently. Purely from the power of the inverter, this should not be a problem.

About maximazing runtime:

On Powerstation side you only can do things like turn off WLAN and Bluetooth functionality to safe some power. Switching to a DC Output would safe you really much power but this is not really possible here.

Also turn off every output except the one your using.



All large appliances must have a visible label informing the active load, mostly in amps (multiply by 120 to get watts). Use that power value to get the maximum load (compressor running), since the internal cooling fans don’t use that much power. The label may be posted near the door edges inside or even under the top of the inside (need to turn your head up to see it). Or look at the owner manual for the technical information.

The label lists Maximum Amps: 6
Can I take this to include LRA or is it in reference to RLA (locked rotor vs running/rated load)?

Get a Kill-a-Watt meter (they are fairly cheap) to determine actual power usage over time. Just leave it plugged in a few days and note the reading and time plugged in by pushing the Kwh button. Note, if you unplug it, it will lose the readings and will reset. Use an extension cord so you can read it while plugged in.