Has anyone replaced the RV battery and 12V converter with a 200L, 200MAX or other generator?

Just purchased a 200L and I’m planning on replacing my Lead acid battery and 12v converter in my travel trailer with it. Instead of doing lithium batteries, transfer switch, Li converter and inverter, building all the cables etc. I’m hoping to use the 200L, charging with solar on the roof as well as shore power when available, powering the trailer through a auto transfer switch. HAS ANYONE DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS with their 200L or other solar generator? I’d love to hear what you did and how it turned out, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. If anyone is interested in my design so far I’d be happy to explain my plan.

Your 200L does not have a 12 volt output available yet. The 48 volt output and the yet to be released converter is not yet available and no information on how to use for a 12 volt source or when the converter will be available for sale.

yes…true! My son and I just finished the electrical system in his sprinter van. We used a 200MAX and used the DC 30amp output for all the 12V stuff. But I wanted the upgrades that the 200L offered…quieter charging, no charging brick, efficient 48V output (to be determined) and wi-fi…

I’m testing a 120 to 12 volt 35 amp converter that can be set to a fixed 12 volt output right now, and also looking into a 120 to 12 volt power supply, 400 watt. Hopefully the D40 or D40 cable gives me more efficient options in the future.

I was hoping that someone on this site has done similar things with there rv and could give me other ideas that I haven’t considered yet…

I bought the ac300 and 2 b300 batteries for my Class C motorhome, The ac300 has a 30 amp rv outlet (25 amps). So I plug the RV 30 amp shore cord into the ac300. I left the 2 lead acid batteries, and they have a dedicated 100 watt solar panel. I installed 825 watts on the roof for the ac300 setup

Great connecting motorhome to the power station RV 30 Amp TT outlet :tipping_hand_man:. And if you have not done any electrical mods, then the motorhome then has 110V AC and 12V DC electricals working :tipping_hand_man::clap:t2:

You probably know that the motorhome has a converter, converts 110V AC to 12V DC, to charge the house batteries and power the motorhome 12V DC electricals :tipping_hand_man:. You probably have observed that there is a power draw from the power station as the converter maintains the house batteries fully charged :tipping_hand_man:. You are probably OK 24 / 7 since you seem to have sufficient battery capacity from the 2 B300 expansion batteries :tipping_hand_man:.

I have solar via a charge controller to charge the house batteries :tipping_hand_man:. However, my motorhome has a factory installed circuit breaker at the fuse control panel, for turning on and off the converter :tipping_hand_man:. So normally I keep the converter off, so it does not draw power all the time from the power station :tipping_hand_man:. And only turn on the converter to give the house batteries a boost when there is insufficient Sun conditions to fully charge the house batteries :tipping_hand_man:.

For Motorhomes that do not have the converter circuit breaker factory installed, then likely the converter is plugged in to a 20 Amp outlet at the back of the fuse panel :man_shrugging:. If it is easily accessable, one could unplug and plugin the converter as needed to boost the charging of the house batteries.

Hope this is useful, … in case one needs to reduce the power draw from the power station by turning off or disconnecting the converter :tipping_hand_man:.

Thanks for the reply. I do exactly as you had posted. I have 825 watts of solar for the bluetti and 100 watts for the 12v lead acid batteries. I also turn the converter circuit breaker on and off as needed.
Note: the 30 amp plug on the bluetti will only output 25 amps continuously.
I snaked a 30 amp cord from the attached motorhome shore cord to the storage compartment where the bluetti is.
This way the generator transfer switch works as normal.
The onan generator will also charge the bluetti, I unplug the 30 amp cord first though. For the generator to charge the bluetti I add a 1000 watt load on the generator (space heater).
I also have the bluetti set to charge at 15 amps 120v, it is adjustable 1 amp to 30 amp. So at 15 amps I can plug into any 15 amp receptacle and charge the bluetti, but also have the battery to increase the amps if necessary without tripping the breaker that the receptacle is on.
I also will be taking the 30% federal tax credit on this as I will also use it for my house.
I also added a 12v to 48v step up boost converter from the alternator (chassis battery), so with the engine running it will give 480 watts to the bluetti.