Halloween Giveaway

:star_struck:We made a pumpkin pie for you! :partying_face:AC300 is back in stock, EB55 is at the lowest price, what else? :sparkling_heart:How about a Halloween Giveaway?:heartpulse: The Giveaway will end on Nov 15th, with up to 20 winners!:v:t2::v:t2:

:tada:It’s the first time that BLUETTI has given AC200MAX for free! :ghost::ghost: No Trick! Only Treat! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Click the following link to enter the GIVEAWAY!



Thanks. Now I understand. Select the pumpkin, for some reason I thought that would start a chat session not that it was the way into the giveaway. Thx bluetti.

Sorry for not clarifying. Good luck to you.:jack_o_lantern: