Grounding terminal

My EP500 Pro has a grounding terminal at the back near by the main switch.

The grounding terminal is not mentioned in manual…

In Questions about grounding, grid charging, firmware - #3 by BLUETTI it has been stated, that grounding is not needed…

What is exacly the function of this terminal? Has connection of the EP500 Pro to grounding any negative impact & no positive benefit to the device? Is this terminal realy useless??

Again my question, what exacly is the function of this grounding terminal???

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Hi @SteCol , This port is for grounding and is used to connect the ground wire.

well @BLUETTI you answered 1 of 3 questions the customer asked and many of us would like to know the answers as well so we don’t have to ask as well.


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Hi! If we were to connect the grounding terminal to the ground wire, would it be able to meet the bonding ground required by some of the EV Chargers? I tried to plug-in a bonding plug, but it trip the GFCI on the grid circuit.

@randychan38 Energy storage power supply has this floating ground at present,you can buy this part try to solve this issue.

1: to purchase a Neutral-Ground Bonding plug as following.
Link address for purchasing:

2: Plug the Neutral-Ground Bonding plug into the AC outlet.

Thank you! I have this plug but it trips the GFCI on the upstream grid input circuit. Even I have the Input Grid Amp set to 12A. The bonding plug doesn’t work.

@randychan38 Can you try to connect EP500Pro ground terminal to the ground wire? Then insert the GFCI socket to see if it still trips.

Thank you!
I will test and update here. Did you mean to insert the bonding plug?

I finally have time to test to connect the Ground terminal on the back of EP500 (NOT Pro) to a ground connection in an AC outlet box. Then connect a load (Tesla EV charger at 110V) plus a Bonding Plug. I tripped the GFCI and it alos tripped the circuit breaker. While I was at it. I tried to measure the continuity in ohm between the ground terminal to the ground wire on the AC Input cable. The ohm values flustruate rapidly.

The ground terminal and it’s use is dependent on your use, application and local codes. The best way to get information on how to use this, is to lookup generator hookups. This will tell you how you’re required to hookup a Power Station.

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I read the reviews and they say it works for gas generators just fine, but one person did say it did not work for his solar generator (Ecoflow). Have to wonder is it’s because of the batteries (which gas gens don’t have, obviously.)