Grounding my AC500? Trying to charge an EV

So I’m trying to use my AC500 to charge my EV but it’s not working. When I plug in the 120v charging adapter to the AC500+300s I get a red light on the charging block and nothing happens. The manual for the EV charging adapter says it needs a grounded outlet. So I thought to try “charging” the AC500 by plugging it into a standard 120v wall outlet. I then plugged in the EV charging cable to the AC500 and it worked. Then I thought, is this working because it’s grounded by the wall outlet or is it just working because it’s passing through the AC500 and not using the stored energy from the battery at all.
Has anyone else had problems charging an EV with their BLUETTI? Is there a way to ground these systems? Am I using the battery power or is it just passing through when I have the AC500 plugged in and charging?
The goal here is for me to use solar energy to charge the EV so a pass through is not the goal.

AC500 is floating grounded. If you need to charge the EV, you will need to buy another neutral grounding plug.

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Another forum member gave a very interesting explanation about grounding… complex subject:

As @BLUETTI mentioned, get a grounding plug and just plug it into one of your AC sockets. You can also check with one of these testers:AC testers

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