Grounding AC70

AC70 has grounding screw and place in instructions that discusses need to ground unit. I want to run a coffee maker, laptop, printer, tv, and maybe a cpap. I think all have grounded three prong plugs. Do I need to drive a ground rod and ground unit? I am a traveler with trailer so I move a lot and grounding could be challenging.

BLUETTI’s portable energy storages are off-grid, floating ground. You can directly plug the device connector into the AC70 for power supply.

In most cases, you do not need to use the grounding terminal to connect the ground wire. Only when the AC70 is connected to the household grid via a 2-pin cable and the output end is connected to an appliance with a metal casing, it is necessary to ground through the grounding terminal for safety reasons.

I will be connected to shore power at a campground for recharging purposes. That would be using your recharge cable. Then connected to one of the individual appliances I mentioned.(coffee maker, laptop, cpap machine, tv, printer). I suppose I could imagine connecting to something with metal case like a small air compressor. Could be hooked to shore power at same time (pass through) or connected only to output appliance alone. Anything here suggest need for grounding Bluetti?