Groudning for Gas Furnace >> EZ Generator Swith >> AC200P?

In Ontario, Canada, my natural gas furnace is hard wired. I would like to install an EZ GENERATOR SWITCH for the gas furnace and whenever there is a power outage, flick the switch and plug it into an AC200P.

I thought this would be straightforward but after reading many web and forum posts, I am unsure of how to do this. I’m hoping the user EZGeneratorSwitch, Bluetti support, or another user could help. Thank you.

bluetti as well as several others Do Not have a neutral bonded to ground. Think of it as the unit is producing (2) 60 volt legs…you can not ground/bond their “so called neutral”. The unit see’s it as a short to earth rather than a true neutral which is bonded to earth/ground at the first means of disconnect or the unit. You will basically cook that leg and thereby destroying your unit. Use our switch as delivered to avoid this issue, do not convert. (Source: EZGeneratorSwitch, July 25)

Question 1: Did I understand correctly that the Bluetti has a floating neutral and that the EZ Generator switch should NOT be converted to the floating neutral configuration, but “used as delivered”?

Bluetti is floating but you will cook that unit if you ground “their neutral” so what is your option…switch the neutrals and ground the case BUT they make a provision for you to do that !!! (Source: EZGeneratorSwitch, July 25)

Question 2: Is there a typo? Did ZGeneratorSwitch mean “they make a provision for you [not] to do that”?

So in conclusion, it is very important to bond the case of your unit to earth via a ground rod of some type. (Source: EZGeneratorSwitch, July 25)

Question 3: How can I bond the case of my AC200P to the earth? Do I need to drill through the plastic casing? I’m not sure how to present this to my electrician so that he can set up the the EZ Genereator Switch and the AC200P. I thought this would be simple. It seems more complicated that the standard generator inlets and gas generators everyone is used to. I would rather use a Bluetti battery than a gas generator.

Thank you for your help!

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I’ve been thinking about this as well. Although for completely different reasons. How would one go about “grounding” a Bluetti power box? I think, from my reading, that the consensus on the forum is that you cannot… I don’t have an answer for you. But I wish some people with more knowledge on the topic would chime in.

Hello, I understand that “use as delivered” means with both terminals “switched”, meaning both terminals are fully cut off from the grid network including the grid network s neutral bonded ground. I m not an electrician but that means to me that the earth terminal would still be connected to your home grounding rod through the ez switch. Then there is no conflict between the floating earth and two “hot” wires of the Bluetti AC outlet circuit and the single hot wire and neutral of the grid/home circuits. This is better then you being the grounding link yourself, but there will be no fonctioning ground fault circuit breakers in this system against electric shock so you will probably continue to be electrocuted because there is no neutral to earth bonding in a floating earth circuit to return and trip the switch.
I have not done this myself so I have no certitude but others on this forum have used a ground bonding plug (literally with a bridge wire connecting the earth and neutral together) in one of the Bluetti s AC outlets changing the nature of the circuit from the two wires leaving the Bluetti AC outlets from carrying half the current each to one wire becoming the live carrying 100% of the current and the other wire becoming the neutral carrying no current but now bonded to the ground inside the Bluetti. When connected into the home system through an Either Or switch that completely seperates both the live and neutral Bluetti wires from the grid system (ez switch for example) the ground fault circuit breakers should fonction correctly and protect you from electric shock because you have changed the flaoting system to a grounded system WITHOUT introducting conflict of currents with the grid power supply and WITHOUT creating a secondary bonded neutral earth.
I would appreciate any feed back on this as I am not an electrician and would love to know if this is correct or horribly wrong.