Grid Self-adaption

The manual talks about grid enhancement mode but I can only find grid self-adaption in the app. I assume these are the same thing?


@a_g The following pictures are for your reference.

I read in a different post about the AC500 that its voltage follows the grid, and the user wasn’t pleased with this.

Am I properly understanding that some devices, like AC180, have this “grid enhancement” feature? What about AC200P @BLUETTI please?

I read the following documentation:

Grid Enhancement mode: By default, the Grid Enhancement mode is disabled. Please turn it on directly in the BLUETTI app. This mode ensures that the AC180P has a stable and continuous AC input, as it allows AC180P to adapt to voltage fluctuations and waveform distortion of an AC source.

See post below by @St8kout :

I find it a bit sad to have to disconnect the device to obtain stable AC voltage.

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Hello @Diane The grid-enhancement feature is relatively new and not sure or not if Bluetti is going to be able to update the older units (such as the ac200p) to feature it. Alot of the units that it isnt featured already with, aren’t WIFI/BT compatible and cant be updated remotely within the app anyways. But to be honest… I dont have it enabled on my devices unless I know for sure that I am going to be using it “hooked up to the grid” where brown outs or fluctuations in voltage is going to be present… Fortunately where I am at, it doesnt happen very often. And regardless… I run any of my super sensitive electronics thru an old-school APC UPS prior to my bluettis anways… These lead-acid dinasaur of units feature a “off-line” UPS are faster then any current power station.

That being said… Units like the AC200p dont feature a UPS and wont act as such, but will be passing-thru the power if connected to the grid… Meaning you should have a stable voltage output from the unit regardless of what your grid power is registering. Some people complain about this as it puts more “cycles” on your unit… (I for one am def not worried about cycle counts within my lifepo4 units tho haha they will more then likely calendar age out before I see or notice any degradation) but stable output regardless of whats happening from the grid.

So I hope this helps?

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