Grid-Interactive Energy Storage Solutions


Power outages, lack of grid access


BLUETTI EP900 and B500 solar generator systems with split-phase inverters, AC coupling, and grid interactivity


  • Modular system for permanent installations.
  • Can export excess solar power to the grid.
  • IP65-rated for indoor and outdoor use.

“I’m pretty impressed with this energy storage system,” highlighting its unique features, versatility, and ease of use. He emphasizes its ability to function as a true multimodal, grid-interactive system.

Unveiling the Drawbacks of Traditional Power Systems

In the captivating narrative presented by James from NAS Solar Electric, the pain points of conventional power systems become evident. He delves into the limitations of traditional generators, highlighting their lack of versatility and dependence on a constant grid connection.
The video emphasizes how BLUETTI’s EP900 and B500 product line addresses these challenges, offering a solar generator system that is not just a backup but a comprehensive energy storage solution.

BLUETTI’s Role in Transforming Consumer Choices

James passionately narrates the video, shedding light on why individuals choose BLUETTI products over other alternatives. The EP900’s split-phase inverter, capable of handling both 120V and 240V loads, provides unparalleled flexibility. The BLUETTI system transcends being a mere solar generator; it becomes a grid-interactive energy storage system (ESS). The ability to seamlessly integrate with existing solar arrays or function independently during power outages sets BLUETTI apart, giving consumers a reliable and customizable power solution that adapts to their unique needs.

BLUETTI EP900 ESS - A Catalyst for Positive Change

James showcases how BLUETTI products make a tangible difference in customers’ lives. Beyond being just a solar generator, the EP900 and B500 emerge as true multimodal, grid-interactive systems. This innovation allows users not only to store and use solar power but also to contribute excess energy back to the grid.
The product’s IP65 rating adds another layer of versatility, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. BLUETTI’s commitment to user-friendly assembly, as demonstrated in the disassembly and reassembly process, reinforces the brand’s dedication to empowering individuals with an accessible, efficient, and sustainable energy solution.
BLUETTI’s EP900 and B500 redefine the narrative of solar generators, offering a comprehensive energy storage system that addresses the limitations of traditional power solutions, transforms consumer choices, and makes a positive impact on the way individuals harness and consume energy.