Grid Input Over Current error 021

Ordered the original AC300/B300 combo back in March 2022. Unit would charge but constantly got 021 errors (Grid Input Over Current). Unit would charge at ~1700W then drop to 0W and error out, but would continue the cycle till charged.

Got a replacement a few days ago and I have the same problem. It is not producing as many errors, but within a couple of hours I got 4 021 errors. Two of the errors had a recorded time 12 hours in the future. Date/time on unit is correct so not sure where that came from.

It sounds like the AC300 has a known problem with “Grid Input Over Current” and “Grid Input Under Current” errors. If this true? I am not likeing having to replace this unit a second time.

Hi @mike.clendenen , please kindly share ur your machine SN code, I’ll have our technical engineers update the firmware for you.

Here is the info:

Did I get you the info you needed?

The S/N is 2211001530729

Hi @mike.clendenen , thanks for sharing the SN code, we will let our engineers to push you a update. You will receive it within 24-48 hours. Please check it at that time, thanks!

So far, that updates seems to be working. Thank you.

Hi @mike.clendenen , We are glad to know that your problem has been solved and you can feel free to contact us or customer service support for any subsequent questions.

Same Problem with my AC300. 021 Grid Input Over Current errors. 3 errors within 24 h.

Hi @tobias77 , thanks for the info.
What is the watt version of your AC300? Is it 110v or 230v?

@BLUETTI It is the 230v Version of the AC300

Thank you for your confirmation. We have informed the technical engineer about your situation.
And they will push you a update. You will receive it within 24-48 hours. Please check it at that time to see if it works after updating, thanks!