Got my AC50 wet - now giving E05 error

Hi all, a few weeks ago, we got hit with a bunch of rain when I wasn’t expecting it and my AC50 was sitting where it took on some water. I let it dry for a week then tried to turn it on. The power light flickered then it shut off. I opened it up, disconnected and reconnected everything and tried it - boom, it was good! I also plugged it in and verified it was charging and it was putting out charge to my phone. So I put it all back together and it gives the E05 error (unit is too cold). It’s not cold so there’s a ghost in the machine. No idea what changed when I put it all together again as nothing is unplugged or getting pinched. I just took it apart again but only E05.

Any suggestions for this issue? I hate to give this thing up as I use it frequently and the batteries all seem to be in great working order. One of the circuit boards need replaced, maybe?

Hi @Scoob

This is strange. I can imagine that there was some rest water inside and maybe you kill some parts in it.

I know this from other electronic devices such laptops when they get flooded with coffee for example.

You can let them dry, cleaning it and it might work at first but at some point they tend to fail complete.

I hope @BLUETTI_CARE or @BLUETTI can help you with this. Could be difficult because its a really old unit.



Thank you. I agree it’s odd and I think there must be a simple fix possible. Anyone else have any ideas? I can’t find E05 mentioned anywhere else.

@Scoob If you leave it under the normal temperature condition for a long time and restart AC50 and it didn’t solve the problem, I think the AC50 needs to be repaired by technician.

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