Got a BMS firmware update (1021,07)

I installed an update for my Bluetti app for my 230v AC300+B300 combination and checked for firmware updates. My B300 got a BMS firmware update to version 1021,07 (1021.07) The battery updates successfully to this version.

My AC300 has versions:
IOT: v9014,12 (9014.12)
ARM: v4037,05 (4037.05)
DSP: v4036,07 (4036.07)

Are these the latest versions?
Does Bluetti have a page with information about the current firmware versions, a change log and release history?

You can tap on the app firmware version page and if there is no indication that an update is required, it is the latest version.
And sorry, BLUETTI does not have a detailed firmware information page listed at this time.

Can you make one?
For now it is unclear for users what actually was updated in the firmware.
It is nice to know if there were any security fixes, fixes for problems that users may experience with their units or new features that may be of interest of your users.

Many other manufacturers, like computer and motherboard manufacturers have detailed update notes and I find this very useful to determine if I want/need to update the firmware of my devices.

I have an even more basic question and can’t find an answer to in the manuals or forum search… How do I see what battery BMS firmware level is on my AC500’s? I looked on the touch screen pages, went in with bluetooth on app and tried with WiFi on app. How do I see current version?

You need to connect your Batterys like B300 or B230 to your AC500. Then you can see them in the Firmware tab. If there is a firmware update, you can click on “BMS” and update each of the Batterrys seperatly

Thank you for the help.

I have two AC500’s with (3) batteries each in a split phase config. I attached below the picture of what BMS versions they are at. As you will see, (5) of them are at 1021.06 and one is at 1024.03.

Since Bluetti doesn’t release noted on what changes within updates, should I try to update the down-level (5) batteries to 24.03? I don’t see where it is telling me to, or even would allow me to, on this page.

Thanks again…

@TheQuickFox I previously communicated with the technical software department and was informed that BLUETTI does not provide detailed firmware update logs.
If you really want to know, you can let me know the firmware version number of your machine, and I will provide feedback to the technical department and get the update information for your present firmware version.

It has been confirmed that the latest version is currently:
IOT 9014.13

The IOT fixes issues that are generally instances of unstable bluetooth connections and wifi connections.

Firmware updates cannot be completed on the machine screen.
Please use the BLUETTI APP, log in to your account, connect the machine via Bluetooth, and then you can update the firmware and view more detailed information in the APP.

Can you please send some screen shots or better direction on what to do on the App? I went home to try. I got into my AC500’s through Bluetooth. I do not see any way to get to the battery BMS version through the app. Is there a trick I am missing?


When upgrading BMS firmware, if AC500 is connected to more than one battery pack, only one battery pack can be upgraded at a time, and other battery packs need to be disconnected from AC500.