Generator Overload?

What happens to a Bluetti generator (say the AC300) when it is supplying backup power to the house and the amperage of the house circuits total 1 or 2 amps above the 25 amp capacity of the AC300?

?my? click off-overload light comes on-deload cycle on /off switch .back on=eb and ac are like that.

In English please! Does an amperage overload trip a breaker of some sort on the generator?

I was showing someone how my AC200 works with the transfer switch in my main panel and forgot my A/C’s were on.
Now remember the AC200 is only good for 1700W.

The display went up to 2400W and then it shut itself down.

I started it up a day later and all was fine.

But hey, maybe I should check it again!

clicks off=show overload on screen-turn off or unplug source=turn solgen off/turn back on…

By “clicks off=show overoad on screen” do you mean the generator will electronically disconnect or shut down from the connection to the house, and will display “overload” on the screen?

we are answering your original question-clicks off-shuts down-the whole generator=yes

The overload will trigger the Bluetti’s self contained electronic circuit breaker and disconnect the AC power to the load being powered. You then have to turn off the AC power on the Bluetti and then turn back on the AC power to re-establish AC output.

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