Generator Charging AC 300

Have AC 300 and 2B300 and RV with Onan
4000w Generator. Plugged into a/c outlet on RV to charge AC300. Received error Grid over powered reeds 63HZ 128 volt’s won’t take charge!
Everything else works fine- all appliances and air conditioner! Could use some help!

Voltage is most likely fine. Hertz is too high. You’ll need to adjust the governor on the Onan; It’s running a little too fast. — This is why BLUETTI only recommends inverter-based gasoline powered generators.

Is this with any other loads running?

I actually have a video on this. Yes you can use a standard generator in an “emergency” only… however an inverter generator is preferred.

Dan is correct about the voltage/frequency settings. Like any other UPS, your ac300 will reject “bad” power. Therefore you need to tune your generator “under load” to get as close as possible to 120v at 60hz. In addition, the use of a standard fuel generator may not have a clean sine wave and repetitive usage may cause faster wear on your AC300 components.

To give you more details, a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), which your AC300 has this feature, will have thresholds on how far from 120v / 60 hertz that it will accept. For example, your unit may accept 122v at 59 herts… however will reject 122v at 58 hertz.

When you fire up your generator it may read 120v at 60hertz. However as soon as you start adding loads, your generator may no longer be able to provide 120v/60hertz… it may have dropped to 118v. Therefore you will need to adjust the generator while under load until it reaches near to 120v/60hertz.