Gas heater fails to operate when attached to the Bluetti EB70

I tried to use the Bluetti EB70 as a backup for my Elco Thision gas heater. The heater consumes about 50 Watt and should be easily work with the Bluetti, but it doesn’t. When I connect the Thision to the power grid everything is fine.
When I plug in the heater to the Bluetti EB70, the heater turns on its lcd panel normally, but after about 10 seconds there is an error saying there is no flame after the safty pause. In Elco manual the description of the error is:

If malfunction 133 occurs during
commissioning of the facility,
then the polarity of the electrical
connection must be tested as a
first step, after which the boiler
can be taken into operation

Does anybody have any suggestion or idea?
thanks a lot

Welcome to the forum @David_Meier !!

Heaters are power hungry and that inital “surge” might be a little too much for the eb70 unit… BUT you’re saying that the error code is coming from the heater itself, and not the eb70 shutting off with an “overload” error? Hmm… I wonder if the heater is wanting to see a “ground” from its power source?? In that case, you might try plugging one of these into the other AC outlet and giving it a shot again??


many thanks for the much appreciated answer. You are right the error is coming from the heater. Actually I was worried that I ruined the heater! But plugged to the power grid it works normally.
As to your suggestion, I don’t understand, what you mean by “plugging one these in the other AC outlet”. From the heater I have a plug with phase, neutral and ground. So when plugged in, the grounding should be ok, or do I understand something wrong?
Regards David

PS: there is a strange behaviour, when I use a phase checker, the light shows up on both holes in the AC outlets :thinking:

It’s because the Bluetti doesn’t provide an earth. The boiler/heater/whatever senses that, and won’t ignite.
The only way around it is to provide an earth…
There are ways around it, but you need to talk to an electrician.


Thanks so much for the answers! I will go now and talk to an electrician.
thx and kind regards

@David_Meier Most all these smaller units and sogens (solar generators) dont actually feature a ground. The 3rd prong “grounding” hole isnt actually connected to anything internally (considered an open or floating ground). By putting in one of the neutral-ground bonding plug as I linked above, it will “trick” appliances into thinking there is, to get them to work. I use one for my AC200 unit to run my camper all the time.

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Hi @m.briney
I thought the amazon link was an ad :sweat_smile: so I didn’t klick on it…
Now I understand :wink:

I had a closer look behind the socket of the bluetti EB70 though. The ground conductor just doesn’t exist there is only a big black void. So if I plug in a neutral ground bonding plug in one socket I do not think, that it will have any effect on the second socket. I think the only way in a Bluetti EB50 is that I connect the grounding wire and neutral directly in the plug I use. But as @Dalders says, it might be better to ask an electrician.
Many thanks David

In case anyone is interested. I mentioned above in the PS that the phase tester shows voltage in both “holes”. This is the effect when there is no grounding. This is normal and correct for a Power Station (and most generators too). I did not know this and have now learned!

Cheers David

FYI: how it ended so far:
The gas heater is now working! I had to bridge the neutral wire with the ground wire directly in the plug that connected the power station with the heater.
I hope this is safe. That’s my main concern. But for now I am happy, that it’s working.
Thx for the help, David


Hi David,

Im experiencing the same thing here in the UK.
I have a gas boiler on our house which powers the central heating.

In the event that the grid is unavailable, I’d like my AC200 Max to power the boiler.
I had a similar message to you and understand that this is related to the floating earth.

Without being an electrician - I’m hesitant to plug anything into the Blueetti or my boiler that fuses earth + neutral together.

Is this safe to do?

BTW, i couldn’t find anything on amazon to suit the UK plug.

Thanks, James

Hi James

I am a total layman. I have some knowledge about electricity but not abondontly ;) My plug has been working now for three weeks. In this time I had no difficulties. Whether this means safe, I don’t know. But as I found out all power stations are without groundig, so a neutral-ground bonding seems to be the only thing one can do.
Just by chance today I came along a youtube video. There a guy charges his Tesla with a power station and he needs to use a neutral-ground bonding plug (My Tesla Just Got Better With This Battery: EcoFlow Delta Pro Review! - YouTube see minute 9:18).
In my case with my bluetti i had to do the bridging directly in the plug that draws the power. A thing which is quite easy and rapidly done. For the safety question it is surely better to ask an electrician.
Kind regards