Gas Generator to Charge my EB3A..?

Usually charge my EB3A with Solar but last weekend camping was rain and more rain. Tried charging with gas generator and it did not charge. Gas generator is 120V…

Am I missing something? Any help would be great

The generator you were utilizing was probably a non pure sine wave AC output and not producing clean power that is required by most electronic devices.

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Thank you as that makes perfect sense, appreciated!

Some gas generators also have a 12v DC output. You could try using that.

Bluetti eb3a are very touchy, i had the same problem, the gas generator wouldn’t charge the eb3a , i would get the high frequency warning and flashing UPS warning.
I discovered what the problem really was, the gas generator was producing too many HZ, 61.5 HZ to be exact, the bluetti eb3a charging threshold is 60 HZ, if the eb3a is getting too many HZ , it will trip the UPS and stop charging .
The solution is to turn down the RPM’s on the generator, if you get a low frequency warning then increase the RPM’s .
There are videos on YouTube that show how to adjust the generator frequency, its actually quite simple to do.

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