Gas Fireplace Question

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to the sight and have a EB70 with foldable solar panel. It only has 800Watts but it’s a start. Winter is upon us & always losing power, so I’m hoping the winter sun will be strong enough to charge the unit easily. Brrrrrr! I hate the cold! (L.O.L)
I have a gas fireplace, but the wind blows it out sometimes. Then it cannot be turned back on because the wall switch is of course electric power. Does anyone know if it’s possible to tap into wall switch, so it sparks the gas for the fan blower to work?
( I am aware I’d have to find out the fan Wattage first - will probably need a bigger Bluetti to accomplish this idea)
Thanks for your input!

If you can turn the gas on but the piezo igniter doesn’t work then just use long matches. What we did in our household back in the 80s when the igniter failed and the gas fire was so old we couldn’t get replacement parts.

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Appreciate your input Brianmini,

I appreciate your input Brianmini,
What I’d like to do is run the fan in the fireplace to blow the heat into the house. Not to just light it. Which as you said can be done with matches if we take the glass off to reach our pilot light. But to safely hook up the fireplace switch so the bluetti can power the fan
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Probably the simplest (and safe) way to do this would be to install an electrical cord to the input of the fireplace which provides all the incoming power. This could be plugged into a power outlet close to the fireplace. When the power goes out you simply unplug the cord and plug it into your Bluetti for power.

There are more complex ways to do it with a transfer switch for the circuit that powers your fireplace but that would require additional components and professional installation

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Hi Scott-Benson,
I guess I’ll have to get an electrician involved. It would be safer bet (especially with gas). More Chu Ching, I just gotta bite the bullet I guess & do it right.