FYI: EMP Shield warranty

I just spoke with EMP Shield. Their warranty does not cover “solar generators”. If the EMP Shield is connected to a Bluetti product and the EMP Shield fails to protect the Bluetti from EMP or Lightning, their warranty will not cover replacement of the Bluetti product. Also, because a solar generator is connected to the EMP Shield, they will not honor their warranty of a $50 replacement of the EMP Shield, which will be destroyed protecting your equipment from a lightning strike.
It makes no sense about the $50 EMP Shield replacement. What’s being protected from lightning should have nothing to to with the EMP Shields ability to protect from lightning.
They do warranty protection for a particular unit from one manufacturer which they have a proprietary connector for.

What’s actually inside the EMP Shield product? I strangely can’t find a single blog post or YT video showing what’s inside.

Hi @GLR , It should be clarified that all BLUETTI products are not related to the EMP Shield Company in any way. Thanks!

No clarification need. Other Bluetti owners, like myself, have probably been interested in protecting their devices from lightning, or EMP, and my be considering EMP Shield products. This post is nothing more than a FYI. I almost bought nearly $1600 worth of their merchandise to protect my solar equipment. Luckily, I made a phone call first. I’m just trying to save someone else from purchasing a product whose warranty wouldn’t actually cover their Bluetti.

As far as what’s inside: I have no idea. Siemens makes something that looks very nearly the same as the EMP Shield. Siemens, however, makes no claim about emp protection. The Siemens product mounts in a breaker box just like one of the EMP Shield models does. The EMP Shield solar units have a few options which are based on the input voltage of the charge controller. I’m not sure if Siemens makes something equivalent.

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The issue here is not EMP Shield as a product in my reading of this post combined with my own discussions with the good folks at EMP Shield’s offices and tech support line. (which btw answers your calls immediately or calls you back if they miss your call automatically within a shockingly realistic period of time.) The issue is the individual solar generator manufacturers proprietary wiring and connectors. The EMP Shield will protect the A/C side of the system but in a solar generator the DC side would not get protection. The folks at Signature Solar sell EMP Shield solar protectors and they work with the individual components of say a EG4 inverter unit. One of the tech folks actually owns a Bluetti Generator with solar panels etc and would like to Shield their unit with an EMP Shield product if the folks at Bluetti will work in concert with them to make a solution possible. EMP Shield reps I talked to project a very very short product development and production time to build a unit that would protect the DC and AC sides of the Bluetti EP500Pro and the other models Bluetti produces.
It is unreasonable to expect a company like EMP Shield to warranty a product they make and a product you connect it to without it being made to actually do what you want. If your post was not a complaint to smear EMP Shield I sure read it wrong and I apologize for reading it that way, but if that was your purpose I oppose your position based upon realistic expectations and the facts.

If you read my post as a “smear” then you are a terrible, terrible fan boy or an employee of EMP Shield. They told me they don’t protect solar generators other than one model from another company. The lady on the phone said it was a new policy. In fact, there was (don’t know about currently) nothing in their warranty on their website which says it doesn’t cover solar generators. Nothing was mentioned about their customer service, which seems to be quite good. If you took offense to anything I wrote, complain to the lady that answered the phone and gave me the information. It’s not unreasonable to expect a product to do what it claims. In fact, I believe it would work to protect the Bluetti when wired the way I described to the lady on the phone. She actually told me that she sees no reason why it wouldn’t work but they wouldn’t honor their warranty. I’m just letting people know what they told me. Way to necro a post. Buzz off.

I do not work for Bluetti or EMP Shield. I happen to own both and I happen to have had lengthy discussions with the folks at EMP Shield, I wish I could say the same for the folks at Bluetti. I stated in my reply to your post where I was coming from in response to what you initially wrote and how you should take my comments based upon which of the possible ways your initial post came across. Since you take offense easily I understand now I was on point. Have a good day. I will bug you no more. LOL