Future Plans for Bluetti App?

Been getting to know my AC300 over the last few weeks that I’ve had it, and I think my biggest “issue” with it is the app! It is just… so basic and simple. Is there a beta or anything I can sign up for? Any official channel to submit feature requests?

A couple off the top of my head:

  • Estimated Time to Empty - rough estimate with the current load on how long until the battery is empty. This seems pretty table stakes on this type of hardware, no? (this would be great on the touch screen on the unit as well)
  • Scheduling of AC/DC on/off (been using it to power my work office equipment - would love to be able to schedule the AC and DC power to go off at the end of my day and turn on at the start, etc - lots of other use cases for this too!)
  • Better metrics - how much solar am I getting, how much DC or AC cumulative is going out? I dunno, just better data on the solar. It’s REALLY difficult to figure out placement/optimization with the panels as there’s just zero historical data

Any other features people would like to see? Seems like this is a big opportunity to REALLY make the Bluetti products stand out (and I think they already do just based on the hardware)



Doesn’t necessary need to be on the app, but I would really like the ability to REDUCE AC input charge rate from 10-30A range to 6-30A range. I have a AC source that is only 800W and I can’t use that because the AC input can not be reduced below 10A.

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@BLUETTI What’s the best way to get app feedback to you, and do you offer a Test Flight beta? (I’m on iOS)


Sorry mbezzo, we don’t have the test flight beta.

Maybe what you could use the T500 adapter? It provides 500 watts of charging power, and connects to one of the 2 “solar” inputs. If you don’t mind the smaller 500 watts, vs the 800 watt capability of your source, then it could be the perfect solution for you, and the AC300 manual specifically lists this as one of the charging options.


Yep, T500 is an option. Though it is another thing to buy, seems wasteful if the built in AC can be configured already. The existence of the T500 is why I suggest 6-30A, below 6A one can use the T500.

I wonder if there is any physical reason why AC input rate cannot go below 10A, or if it is just a software limitation.

Ok, I understand that. On the input rate thought, I suppose it really depends on how programmable their charger system is, but it would seem do-able via a software update.

@BLUETTI I second @mbezzo 's request for a “Time to Empty/Full” feature on the unit. I have the AC200 MAX and just as I’ve been using it and comparing it to a couple other battery units that my family has I realized that this does not have the estimate of “Time to Empty”. I understand the inaccuracies that can come with an estimator like this but it is really helpful for gauging just how much you can charge/run and for how long or how long it’s going to take to get to a full charge.

Any chance we can get something like this added in the near future?

Hi @StevenR,

Welcome to our community.
I’m not sure now, but we’ll go for it in the future.
Thank you for your attention.