Fulfillment Time more than 7 days

Can you explain why you lie regarding even fulfillment time (I’m not even talking about shipment)? Emails are completely ignored, no chance to get info or a refund.

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The same with me… I ordered a power station and paid for it on November, 28… I emailed them five times… No answers! @BLUETTI , this item is crucial for my family because of the war and power shortages in Ukraine! Is there any hope to get my order or getting my money back?!


and the same with me, I ordered on November 24, current order status is “unfulfilled”

Hello, @BLUETTI I have the same problem. More than 7 workdays passed after I paid my order. Could you provide an information about the actual terms of fulfillment so I can plan my time? My order number is SPF-EU-20435. Thank you in advance.

We are very sorry, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these two estimated times because of the daily surge of orders. If you really don’t want to wait, please let me know. I will pass it on to order support for them to process your refund.

Hello, can you refund my order?


Thank you!

Hi @Senner , Regarding order refunds, you will need to contact our support department in person to negotiate the process.
I have passed it on to order support for you.

We as community administrators are not authorized to process with the order, thank you for your understanding and patience.