France - Buy EP600+B500 - Distributor / Electrical Installer


Very interested in the Home Backup Solution … !!!

  1. Is there a European Hotline Number to call for details / documentation ?

  2. Is there a List of certified distributors and qualified technicians for installation ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @Delest ,

  1. Yes, you can call our EP600 consulting hotline to learn more
  2. There is no distributor for the time being, as for the technician who will install this system, our branch will help you to arrange it. All of them are licensed, please don’t worry.
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Thanks a lot your answer.
What is your EP600 consulting hotline phone number ?

Don’t worry …

Found the info :slight_smile:

HotLine Phone : + 49 911 311 09 790

By the way, would you have a link for a PDF documentation describing the whole home back-up package EP600 & B500 ?



Just wondering …
Can we expect the Customer Service Department to follow the Forum and answer back …?

Forgot to mention… Sadly the European HotLine: + 49 911 311 09 790

seems to be ONLY operational for German Speaking Customers …

Is there a UK based number or an English Speaking HotLine …???

Very Discouraging …

  1. European HotLine does not answer …
  2. Nobody answers questions asked in the Forum …