Four Panels Connected Still says 0 input

Ok, so I got all four 100 watt panels plugged in and I see the little dashes are charging something. They are moving from left to right. But, the number where the grid icon is still says zero. What does that mean? What should it say? Nothing is obstructing the light from getting to any parts of any of the panels. They are all 12v panels, 100 watts.

As you can tell, I’m a total confused beginner. Thanks for any suggestions.

Without knowing which model of Bluetti you have, what specific panels you have, the specs of the panels, how you have them connected and how the panels are exposed to the sun, it would be simply a guess as to why you are getting no charging watts. Some additional level of detail and communication would be required for any meaninful assistance.

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If I had to guess, I would guess you have them in parallel. You need to put them in series to up the voltage. But it is only a guess.