Found a screenful of gibberish in Alarms, that won’t clear.

Support already knows about one problem with touchscreen. Here’s another.
Screen will not clear.
The other alarm screen shows no problems.
I’ll get it replaced eventually.

@St8kout Sorry for the issue. I will feedback to the factory to improve the quality.

@St8kout Please try to restart the machine and see if the screen situation improves.

I tried a factory reset but nothing changed.

No doubt it’s the touchscreen itself since it has other problems, (AC & DC on/off only work with the APP, not the touchscreen. I also just found out that I can’t change the input current, even with the secret password. Screen beeps but it won’t change the current numbers.)
I’ve got a suggestion:
Add these 2 things to the APP, so we can bypass the touchscreen, like we can turning AC & DC on/off.
or even better,

Maybe simply have all the touchscreen functions duplicated on the APP, where you don’t need the touchscreen at all. The APP replaces having a touchscreen on the AC500.
I’m not real fond of the thought of shipping this heavy thing back for a new touchscreen. Maybe you could contract these tech repair companies that send servicemen to people’s home to make repairs under warranty. I’ve had them come repair my Dell laptop and another one to repair my Sony TV. They were contracted out by Dell and Sony respectively.

If there is a problem with the screen and restarting the machine doesn’t help, it’s needed to contact the support team to return the machine for repair. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

You can delete this thread if you want. Screen gibberish resolved.
It won’t let me delete it.

Can you tell us what you did to resolve the issue? It may be helpful in case any other Bluetti customer has the same problem with their device.

Bluetti Tech guy said to try a shutdown but I had too much going on to try that, and only tried a factory reset.

I later did a battery calibration, where you drain the battery until the whole system shuts down by itself. While recharging the battery I happened to notice that the gibberish was gone.

You likely don’t have to do a shut down like that. When you try just pushing the power button, the screen will tell you to disconnct PV panels, disconnect Grid, turn off AC and DC outputs, THEN press the power buttons on the batteries.

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