Foldable trolley

I have called and emailed customer service with no response. I ordered AC300 bundled with PV350 solar panel based on review by YouTube influencer Hobotech. In his video he showed a foldable trolley for his system. Is this included or does it have to be ordered separately?

It is separate, I bought two of them. They are great for moving the bluetti B300 batteries

Thanks for the response. I searched the website for an accessory and price and got no results. How much was it and how do I order?

I remember it was around $90. It was one of the sale items that Bluetti had at the first of the year.
They must have sold out again.

PS Sorry, I bought it from Amazon. Price $119 - coupon discount of $30 = $89 + tax.

Amazon has it:

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Hi @mam,

Thank you for your interest in our trolley.
The trolley is separate. Here is the link to it, pls kindly check: