Flickering Lights on AC300

I have an AC300 and two B300’s feeding a Reliance Pro/Tran2 Transfer Switch as called out by Bluetti. It runs all 10 circuits no issue and has been working great with solar plugged in 24/7 and it feeding the Transfer Switch. I do not ever plug it in to grid charging while it’s being used. Anyways, my ceiling lights will occasionally flicker from time to time. When the rocker switches are on grid power, they never flicker. Never had issues before and again, on Grid power, no flickering. This leads me to believe there is not a loose wiring issue in my circuit or anything like that. The only thing I can think of causing this is the Bluetti unit itself. I know it’s normal for lights to flicker when a big load is drawn: IE a microwave or washer being turned on. They do flicker at first, then are pretty much ok. But this random flickering is occurring without any big load starting up or surging. Any ideas??? I want to watch the AC Voltage output on the AC300 when I get home from work today and see if drops below 120V and the lights flicker. If so, I would probably attribute the flickering to a voltage drop from the inverter. This is disappointing tho because I know its a pure sin wave inverter and I don’t think I should be having any issues with it. The light fixtures vary…some are LED, some are halogen, NONE of them are on a dimmer switch. It’s not as simple as me replacing some bulbs, that doesn’t help. I checked the wiring at the switches and fixtures and it’s all tight. Again, this does not happen on Grid Power, only when the Bluetti is running the transfer switch. Is my AC300 defective, or is this type of behavior somewhat expected with my case use???

With my AC500 I get some subtle LED light flickering when my Keurig coffee maker is on, and only during part of its heating cycle. Its the only power draw that does it so I assume there’s some weird back feed going on with it.

I wonder if you have an appliance that might be doing the same?

@contem4 Is the frequency of your machine set correctly? US is 60HZ

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Yes, it is set to 60hz.

@contem4 On this issue I have asked the relevant engineers, the following reply for your reference
AC300 with high-power loads such as microwave ovens and washing machines, or motor class load, start instantaneous current increase, the instantaneous voltage fluctuations, led lights will flash.
Grid output does not make the LED flashing because the grid is a strong voltage source.

The flickering is happening on any light fixtures, not just LED. And it’s not a high-power load causing it. They will randomly flicker with nothing else running on the bluetti. It’s not a load issue, I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve done all the basic checks that you guys keep asking about. There is something odd going on. I don’t know if the inverter is acting up or what. But I have troubleshooted all the basic, common-sense stuff and it’s not that.

@contem4 The luminaire does not have any energy storage device, and it will flash when there is a voltage fluctuation.
If there is still a constant flicker, can you send me a video via Google drive?

If there is a constant voltage fluctuation, is there a chance my AC300 is faulty? I’ve seen plenty of other people’s videos using it in the same manner and none of them have had this issue. Is there a chance my AC300 needs to be replaced? How would I tell?

You can use a AC volt meter with continued measurement to see if the AC output voltage of your AC300 is constant. Preferably with a stable load up to 50% of the capacity. I guess it can be expected that there is some fluctuation when you use high loads. Perhaps there are some in-depth reviews of the AC300 that have tested this. I use lower loads like a PC and audio equipment and then a lamp just gives stable, continuous light.

Can you check the fire wire connected to the lamps in the distribution box, and then re-torque it. See if there is still a continuous flickering situation