Flickering LED lights when running diesel heater

Hello everyone, I am currently running a AC200P to power my campervan. I recently added a diesel heater to heat the van. I’ve noticed that now my led lights in the van flickers in-sync with the heater pump. I’m currently using the 25A port from the Bluetti and feeding this into a fuse panel. Has anyone else run into this issue? Here’s a link for my heater:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have seen a few other reports of some LED lights (of all types) flickering when powered by non grid sources. Have not seen any solution other than changing to different lights which are not feasible in your case.

I am also running diesel heater in van. Basic Chinese version. I am using b230 to power heater. Perfect. In am I connect 500 watt charger to b230 plugged into eb240. Takes 15 minutes to top off full.

Scott - Thanks for the input. If you have any info regarding the type of LED lights that may help with my issue please let me know. I am still early enough in my van build that changing lights is an option.

EZfpv - Thanks . Charging is not an issue with my system. Everything functions just fine, but the flickering of my cabin lights in-sync with the heater pump can be annoying!

Sorry, I have no information regarding what types of lights are subject to flickering or not.

I have a similar issue with my grid power in the garage, this problem is not limited to power station inverters. When I plug in my immersion heater to cook stuff in the garage, the garage door led pulsates when the circulator is running. The immersion circulator pulls about 800W max but the two garage door led are only 10w each, should not be a problem for that 15A/1800W home circuit. LED can be fickle.

Hi there,

I have the same bluetti and the exact same setup (same port) and while running the diesel heater I was having those nasty flickering lights. I actually just fixed this issue today by installing a voltage regulator I got from amazon (here is the exact one I used: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00C0KL1OM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

It basically does what it says and allows a smooth output at a certain voltage (you can adjust the voltage on the back of it with a screwdriver but I did not need to do it). Very easy to install, for input cable I just hooked it up to my 12v fuse box and output went to my light’s positive and negative and to my surprise, the flicker stopped.

When you first start the diesel heater at some points it will still flicker (you know how those heaters always start very strongly but stabilizes) but after like 5min once the output of the diesel heater has stabilized all the flickering stopped. The one I linked works from an input from 5V to 22V, so of course if you dim the lights extremely to the point where its almost dark, they will flicker (which is normal with such a low voltage) but other than that it works great. No more flickering at all in my hot van!

I just found this thread today to see if anyone else had fixed this issue so I hope this helps and works for you too!

Edit: Idk if this is relevant or not, but my heater is hooked up to a fuse box from the 25A output while my lights are on a separate fusebox hooked up to the car port of the bluetti (I forget how many amps it is).

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Thank you for the info and the lead. This could be useful for many users with flickering lights from a variety of voltage sources.