Flexible Solar Panel Recommendations

I have just started to research flexible solar panels compatible with the AC200P.

These will be mounted on a conversion van roof. The AC200P will primarily be charged from the van battery (via a 1000w inverter) while driving.

If I understand correctly, I should look for higher voltage (35-150v panels. Renogy’s flex panels (110w and 175w) are 19.5v; Sunpower’s 110w is 18.8v.

This doesn’t seem right so I assume I’m reading the specs incorrectly.

In a nutshell, what FLEXIBLE solar panels do you recommend for the AC200P? I want two panels, minimum 200w total.

Thanks so much!

I use one Renogy solar panel for my Airstream. I mounted on the back window and drill a hole for the cable to run to a 20 amp solar charger. The solar charger uses a separate battery for its battery input to the solar charger. I could replace the solar charger and battery with my AC200 but I lost my last solar generator due to the heat in the summertime. Be careful.
Now about the solar panels, when you mount them on the roof, you will need insulation between the flex panels and the roof. There are videos about the damage to the roof when the panels are taken off panels.

You would want to hook 2 (or 3) of them in series to get the required voltage.

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Thanks for the responses.

I’m having trouble finding the panels I’d like: 30-35 volt each for a combined voltage of at least 70. Most panels are in the 18-20 volt range and I prefer to have only two panels rather than four.

Any recommendations for high voltage panels?

The new Bluetti PV350 would fit the bill